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The challenging global market conditions have highlighted the need to make our products and services available for a variety of audiences and different geographic areas and industries.

Thanks to our team, expertise and technologies, TM Translate has became a versatile translation agency, that, beyond translation, is able to provide complementary services suitable to significantly contributing to the development and global expansion of its clients, participating in their translation, localization, multilingual design and publishing processes among others.

We are the translation and complementary services agency that provides support in reaching new markets and growing the current ones. We speak your language and we make you and your business speak the language of the world. Thanks for visiting!



Translation projects made for the publishing industry. TM Translate’s team brings over twenty years of experience in the translation, publishing and design industries, integrating their skills to develop projects beyond the limits of translation.


Projects made by TM Translate, and services provided continuously for corporate clients. This includes economic, legal, marketing, medicine, and technology systems subjects among others.


Beyond the translation industry, TM Translate has also provided services in the publishing industry providing proofreading, text editing and localization.

Adapting texts to a geographical context, making it more easily understandable to the audience you are targeting, is part of our editorial work. Soon we will be uploading a selection of works developed by TM Translate in the editorial industry.


The aesthetic contribution of design generates environments and reinforces the message we want to convey. Its part in product development, space creation, print and publishing production, as well as its adaptation to message and target audience make of design a critic complement for each of these scenarios. When incorporated into our portfolio of services has proved a useful tool for our customers to develop their multilingual publishing projects under one roof without the demands and setbacks of coordinating processes and delivery times between different working groups.

By counting on our comprehensive services, according to your needs and projects, may facilitate your processes and save you time for delivery as well as money.

The following is a sample of some of the projects we have been involved in, providing not only translation services but also design services.


TM Translate is permanently providing telephone and onsite interpreting services for businesses and individuals. We have had among the opportunity to serve on different scenarios for nongovernmental entities, petroleum industry corporations, as well as on events and conferences in different fields.


Our experience in the publishing and translation industries has enabled us to provide consulting services on performance for improving internal processes of the translation agency Crear Traducciones, and the translation and mail departments of Compassion International Colombia.

You can contact us for more information regarding our consulting services.


TM Translate has also had the opportunity to provide teaching services on a corporate level for executives from organizations such as Grupo Exito, The Congreso de la República de Colombia, Almacenes Alkosto and Compassion International Colombia.

Our teaching and language training services primarily fit the needs of our customers by directly providing our services at their facilities and especially focusing on gaining fluency for real environments and according to the requirements of each industry.

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